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We are born and some say have already managed to learn a language in the womb.

So we learn a language. We get language. We use language as I am doing now.

But why must we basterdise the language? I mean, we did perfectly well when we did not swear at each other, when we were corrected by our elders, when we were polite and minded our P’s and Q’s. So why do we have to blaspheme and swear using filthy words to each other?

I partly agree that we do use foul language becauase we fail to finmd the right words. Ignorance some say. But the foul words are now adopted by the dictionarians and added to their word lists! I disown any dictionary that includes that filth.

My ‘OMG’ as a title is to get people’s attention, but it means Only More Grateful! I am only grateful I did not get dragged up by some low grade family who did not teach me right from wrong. I am constantly ONLY MORE GRATEFUL! Each day I am thankful andf grateful for all that I can do and can have the freedom to speak to my family to visit to write to walk to shop to do anything I need to do to live!

If only the whole world were more grateful like the little catholic family I visited in a bario in the outslkirts of Manila, Philippines. They killed a chicken that day to feed me! We had fried chicken and coke! And they were very poor and very happy. They lived courtesy of the givers to World Vision, no doubt thankful, grateful people themselves.

Yes, we need more gratefulness in our hearts because we did not make ourselves and we sure didn’t make our jobs and our money is a creation of other people’s helpfulness as well as our own toil. We are not alone we cannot exist alone we are a community not a church community or a climbing community or a farming community or a gay community or a football community as the media says we ares all the time. we are just a commiunity where we live. If we relate to the people around us we are a community. be part of the community you live in and don’t show disrespect when some one shows you no favour. Maybe they did not have the upbrining you had, or the willingness to curtail their foul mouths, just because they think it is smart to direspect people they do not agree with. No, do not curse them back, but bless them with wit, kindness, and even love because you enjoy the benefits of being loved and you owe it to the love giver to pass it on…

Let’s all be a little more grateful eh?